18 brave #1: Take ’em Off!

When I think of brave things I can do, an important one is being able to talk/be smooth with the ladies. It is really hard to make those first moves sometimes or approach a girl. I’m definitely not a player or particularly good with getting girls. The other day I was talking to a cute girl when I ran into my sister and walked away without really saying goodbye… Where I got the idea for this post was when I was getting with a girl and my heart was racing, I could barely breathe. Besides being embarrassing it gave me a concept for Project 54. Most people are somewhat self-conscious about taking off their clothes in front of someone they think is attractive. You have to be a little brave.

A tagline for Levis ads could be “Be Brave, take them off” with either photos or clips of people about to take off their Levis or taking their Levis off and having another pair under, just to be symbolic.

About lukehamby

I'm a first-year student at VCU studying creative advertisment. Hobbies I enjoy include riding and shredding on one of my many skateboards, making and observing colorful art, and relaxing.

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